Advice and support for start-ups.
We create the foundation for your goals.
A good idea and motivation are prerequisites for starting a business.

  • We are the partner to bring your business idea to success quickly
  • We place great value in the exchange of ideas at eye level
  • We are your partner, because your goals are ours


What we do!

The full service we offer is
tailored to your business needs.

Create transparency.

We help you to create transparency for your project, to set priorities, to identify opportunities and risks.

  • Your business idea - your philosophy
  • Your product and service range
  • Your value proposition (benefit for your customers)
  • Your motivation as a founder or founding team
  • Your chances of success in the market

Finding a way.

  • Brainstorming
    We check your business idea for feasibility.

    We provide valuable tips for the preparation of the business plan.

    We support you in finding a legal form, the choice of insurance, tax issues and the selection of personnel.

    Identify optimal financing offers and subsidies.

    We have professional tips on how to market effectively.

We accompany you in making confident appearances and courageous decisions.

Growing through learning


  • Workshop for managers with a start-up mentality.
  • Individual coaching

Basis of Sales

We analyse your needs and identify necessary skills.

  • Who is your target group and what are their needs?
  • What is the right sales mood and how is it built?
  • How can you communicate more consciously to attain your goals?
  • How do you appear more charismatic to inspire?

Presentation and Storytelling

Present ideas, services, products and your company.

Carry out consciously and purposefully

  • Presenting at trade fairs
  • Presenting at networking events
  • Presenting on site at the customer
  • Learning with passion, selling a product captivatingly

There is no lack of ideas.

The challenge is to filter the "right ideas" with the highest potential.
"Doing the right projects"

Potential for success

  • Synergies
  • Added value for customers
  • Attractiveness of the target market
  • Differentiation potential
  • Turnover potential


  • Technical feasibility
  • Market entry
  • Economic feasibility
  • Legal requirements
  • Internal barriers



We bring quick solutions that make your life easier.

Processes are only for big companies, aren't they?

It is a common belief that small businesses do not need process management. In reality, the world looks somewhat different here. Even a "one-man business" has to deliver its services in a structured way.

The more consciously someone deals with this topic, the more opportunities there are to work more efficiently.

We'll enlighten you, we'll show you how it's done!

Process analyses
  • Clearness
  • Earnings
  • Support
Process management

Anchor process optimisation in the company at the beginning of the foundation.



Strategy consulting

We are a creative TEAM focused on building long-term relationships with our clients.

Pitch coaching


Being able to convince in front of an audience and at any occasion is the basis for your success.

Getting to the heart of a message in a clear, understandable and structured way often presents obstacles. We specifically address your individual challenges and goals. We train with you as often as you like

When pitching a product or service, the aim is to win a contract or budget in competition with rival providers.

We did it!

The company is founded, the initial capital from family and friends has been successfully invested. The first potential customers and partners are showing interest. To reach the next stage of growth, you now want to approach professional investors such as business angels or seed venture capital funds. But what documents do you need as a founder to approach investors?

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


Contrary to what is often claimed, good products do not sell themselves.

A "go to market plan" is as concrete a plan of action as possible that describes repeatable and scalable processes for initiating, winning and expanding customer relationships.

  • Increase in turnover
    To meet customer needs, characterise the relationship between functionality and the effort required to achieve it.
  • Repeatability
    In the "go-to-market" context, this means that the company can easily adapt market entries with similar products or in similar markets in marketing and sales.
  • Scalability
    means in this context that the market entry approach requires fewer resources for growing results as market penetration progresses.

Strategic sales approaches

  • Problem Solution Fit

    Put yourself in the customers' shoes.
    Whether you are a founder, a start-up or an established entrepreneur: before you can start building the "right solution" for your customers, you first need to understand the "right" problem.
    We sift with you!

  • Product-Market-Fit
    The product market fit, the matching of the right product to the right market, demonstrates the greatest understanding of the customer.
    We offer you our understanding of this process!

Market selection/ market screening

  • Which target market must catch the eye.
  • Joint identification of the target market.

Market entry form

  • Joint venture
  • Self-distribution
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Start-up within a company
  • Licensing
  • Franchising
  • Dealers
  • Strategic alliance

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